Who are we?

Escuela de Guadalupe is a private, Catholic school of excellence for grades Pre-K through 8. Each student graduates having attained bi-literacy and accessed a transformational, foundational education that will enable them to pursue their passions, develop their unique gifts, and ultimately uplift their communities.

As an independent Catholic school, Escuela de Guadalupe is free to design a truly holistic educational experience around the needs and daily realities of the students and families we serve.

The mission of Escuela de Guadalupe is to support and uplift the global community, our families, and our students, by offering an education that integrates Spanish and English bi-literacy, Catholic values, and academic rigor and creates equal opportunity for all committed young scholars to become citizens of the world making positive change.

660 Julian St. Denver, CO 80204 • (303) 964-8456

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