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At Escuela, our goal is to inspire our students...

To prepare our students...

To light the fire not under them but to light the fire within them...

Pre- K


By utilizing the best practices in early childhood instruction, Escuela de Guadalupe’s Pre-K program allows students to build foundational learning skills, immersed in a second language, during the developmental stage where language learning is at its peak.


Core competencies of our Pre-Kindergarten program include:

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Number and letter identification

  • School socialization

  • Classroom readiness 

Escuela’s Pre-K Program is a full-day program for children who are 4 years of age and we participate in the Colorado Shines program. To learn more about our Pre-K curriculum, or to inquire about enrollment, please contact Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Sandra Garcia, here. 

K- 5


Escuela de Guadalupe’s foundational K-5 program develops students’ bilingual academic proficiency across the curriculum. Beginning in Kindergarten, students start building a strong foundation in their native language through targeted literacy instruction. They develop their second language skills through instruction in math, science, and social studies. Students then transition to equal study in both languages beginning in 3rd grade, at which point they spend half of their day in their native language and half in their developing language. Supported by our entirely bilingual teaching staff (many of which hold degrees from Latin American countries) students routinely achieve grade-level biliteracy across all subjects by 4th grade.

In addition to accessing Escuela’s holistic, culturally-rich curriculum, students enrolled in our K-5 program participate in scheduled art, music, and PE classes.


To learn more about our K-5 curriculum, or to inquire about enrollment, please contact Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Sandra Garcia, here. 


Middle School

Escuela de Guadalupe’s middle school program is designed to build on students’ academic achievement through mastery of core content, while also helping them to develop the socioemotional competencies they will need to thrive in college-preparatory high school environments and beyond. Escuela’s vertical friendships—an intentional cultivation of authentic interactions between children in our Middle School, Pre-Kinder, and-K-5 programs—give our older students the opportunity to develop their compassionate leadership skills, and expanded community service activities help deepen students’ commitment to social justice. 

Escuela's first class of 8th grade graduates are currently attending competitive, college-preparatory high schools across the Denver metro area, including Regis Jesuit High School, Arrupe Jesuit High School, and Holy Family. 

To learn more about our middle school curriculum, or to inquire about enrollment, please contact Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Sandra Garcia, here. 

Other elements of our middle school program include...



Thanks to the El Pomar Foundation, Metro Regional Council, Escuela completed the construction of a fully functioning science lab in August of 2017. This lab is is outfitted with laboratory-grade microscopes and other lab equipment which greatly enriches the quality of our STEM programming.



In an effort to continually inspire young leaders, this middle school-specific program brings working professionals into our classrooms, creating opportunities for our students to learn about potential career paths. By bringing community leaders into our classrooms, we aim to inspire and equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude of successful servant leaders.

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