Welcome Back, Estudiantes!

by Michelle Galuszka


I sincerely hope this message finds each of you well and healthy, as we bid the summer adios. I am writing to share with you exciting news: we did it! After 6+ months, our students are officially learning in-person with the help of lots of new safety protocols. Our team and families couldn’t be more excited to be back. Last Wednesday, Escuela de Guadalupe welcomed back 205 students on our first day of the 2020-2021 school year. The building feels alive again with full classrooms and watching students find new ways to connect, play, and learn. It is a blessing to see our Lobos together, and to have our students and teachers back on campus.

Year after year, the dedication our faculty and staff continue to amaze me. But this year, with its own unique set of challenges, reaffirmed their grit and resilience. This commitment manifests as a love of learning of course, but above all, an unwavering belief in the students we serve. Through technology distributions, transitions to remote learning, classroom re-orientations, building installations, and more, our employees have been through so much - all in the selfless service of our deserving students.

From our founding, Escuela de Guadalupe has not deviated from our commitment to be responsive to the needs of our families. Prioritizing the best learning option for our community this August was no exception. During the pandemic, we surveyed our families and listened to what they needed from us. It was an overwhelming response that they wanted a place where their children were safe as they returned to work and their daily routine. Many updates and changes in procedures took place in order to successfully welcome students back. We know this year will bring unique and record challenges.

I invite and ask our partners to consider Escuela de Guadalupe in your thoughts and prayers as we work hard to sustain this model of having our children in-person. We continue to prioritize strengthening and uplifting nuestra familia in the critical and evolving pandemic.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Salud: to a year of flexibility!


Michelle Galuszka


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