Finishing Strong

by Michelle Galuska


As the school year sunsets, we welcome warm weather and summertime for our Guadalupanos. Our graduating class of 2020 has much to celebrate! Although graduation has been rescheduled to the end of the month, we hosted a parade (successfully socially distanced) at the beginning of June to give our families and faculty the ability to connect before the summer break. I have included some photos and a video in this email for you, but moments that touched my heart included a student handing out a rose for every teacher, vehicles covered with balloons, horns honking, and an 8th-grade student welling up with tears from the support of her school family. This time brought sincere and exuberant laughter to our hard-working team after a year of surprises and abnormalities.

This year, our Class of 2020 will matriculate to Arrupe Jesuit High School, Lakewood High School, Mountain Range High School, and Regis Jesuit High School. As we have connected with each 8th-grader over the phone, most are eager with plans to join various athletic teams and clubs with their new high school community. Mirroring the emotions of our graduates, Escuela is anticipatory for our next chapter after our 20th year, and how we will grow and expand as a school for decades to come.

Looking back on this year, there is much to celebrate. I know that while our families are experiencing unprecedented uncertainty, God has used this time to strengthen our community. I want to thank you for the integral place you have in nuestra familia. You help ensure Escuela de Guadalupe’s viability to be a stable and loving presence to our families in this critical time. During this break, we are contingency planning for the fall, hopeful that life will return to our new normal sooner rather than later. May you and your family have an excellent socially-distanced Summer and thank you again for all of your kind words, generosity, and care that have helped us weather this season.


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