"Escuela de Guadalupe Celebrates 20 Years of Biliterate Education"

An article by Meredith Sell of

"When Alberto Hernandez started kindergarten in 2005, he didn’t speak any English. The son of two Mexican immigrants, he only spoke Spanish at home. His parents, who met in the United States, had immigrated to seek opportunities for themselves and their future children. But because they didn’t speak English, their prospects here were limited. His mother, who had been pursuing a nursing career in Mexico, gave up that dream to instead clean houses.

“As immigrants and people that primarily speak Spanish, they were often faced with racism and bias and prejudices, and that made it difficult for them to adjust to the U.S.,” Hernandez says now, “but they always knew that they were here to give us a better life.”

When a friend who worked at the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver told Hernandez’s parents about Escuela de Guadalupe, a bilingual Catholic school at that time located at 34th and Pecos Street, his parents decided to send him there. At five years old, Hernandez started learning his second language."

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