Escuela Spotlight: Graduate Edition

As we wrap up our school year, Escuela de Guadalupe wanted to recognize some exceptional graduates that have gone on to local area high schools, are beginning college, and are carrying on Escuela de Guadalupe’s legacy by making a difference in their community. Below are the stories of three graduates who make us proud to be Guadalupanos!

Alberto de Jesus Hernandez

Having come to Escuela in Kindergarten, Alberto did not speak any English. His parents made sacrifices to find a community that would both support him in learning that second language, as well as respect and celebrate his Hispanic heritage and Catholic faith. Once finishing up at Escuela in the 5th grade, he continued to Saint Mary’s Academy for middle school, before beginning his high school studies at Regis Jesuit High School. While in his senior year, Alberto returned to Escuela for our “One Child at a Time” breakfast in December 2017 to grace us with the story of his and his family’s commitment to education despite the struggles of financial setback. Although Alberto originally had plans for medical school, he found that God might be calling him to the priesthood – and is now awaiting seminary placement this summer in pursuit of becoming a Jesuit priest. Our entire Escuela community is so incredibly proud of Alberto’s accomplishments and his discernment in finding a true vocation!

Alberto’s younger brother, Miguel Angel, just finished up 4th grade here at Escuela de Guadalupe.

Eliseo Esparza

Eliseo and his family have been making their mark on Escuela for quite some time – his father was a teacher here, and his two sisters, Beatriz and Belicia, also graduated from Escuela. He now has a little sister, Yaretzi, who is currently a 1st grade student at Escuela de Guadalupe. Eliseo’s entire family still actively participates in the Escuela community, volunteering for various events and always here to support Yaretzi on through her cheerleading and school performances. Thinking back on his Escuela days fondly, Eliseo mentions Miss Lauren Carranza was his favorite teacher, noting that her care for her students was obvious in everything she did, taking the time to ensure that each student felt valued and important. Eliseo’s academic achievements made him a Daniels Fund Scholar, and although the college decision was tough for him, he finally decided that the School of Mines would be the best place for him to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Another Escuela de Guadalupe and Saint Mary’s Academy graduate, Eliseo continued to Regis Jesuit High School and, together with Alberto, was recognized by RJHS President, Mr. David Card, at graduation this year. Eliseo and Alberto have remained close friends since their Escuela days.

Eliseo and Alberto at their graduation in May.

Idali Rodriguez

Idali began at Escuela as a 3rd grader, and notes that although she initially struggled with writing, Miss Lauren Carranza was always incredibly patient and helpful. Once Idali had completed the 5th grade, however, she notes how difficult it was for her very tight knit class of 17 students to split up, and that the culture shock that came with going to the much larger Saint Mary’s Academy was difficult to handle. But eventually, she came to love her all-girls high school experience and the confidence it gave her as a young woman – so much confidence, in fact, that she became heavily involved in the Porter Billups Leadership Academy and headed up a special project regarding gender equality, and will also be participating in college entry advice sessions for high school students. This summer, Idali will also be an intern at PBLA. In the fall, Idali will begin studies at CSU Fort Collins, pursuing a degree in political science and anthropology, with the ultimate goal of going to law school. Idali has a younger sister, Yatziri, that started in Pre-K at Escuela this year.

Idali at her graduation in May.

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