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Dear Friends,


[sah-looth ]

-interjection, Spanish.

1. (used after a person has sneezed or as a toast.)

Origin of salud: literally, health

2. “to your health”

On September 23rd, 2017 our gymnasium was transformed into a “fiesta” (party)! At our annual fundraiser, “¡Salud!”, glasses were raised with gusto to toast, and the generosity flowed in support of our work here at Escuela. By all accounts, it was our best fundraiser to date! We not only netted over $195,000 in much needed scholarship assistance, but we were also showered with heartfelt affirmation of just how vital our mission is here.

I would like to emphasize just how many special people it took to achieve such a magical evening. The support of our board of directors, the hard work and dedication of our event committee, and the many sponsors who not only supported our cause, but filled our event with wonderful guests who were just as passionate about what we are trying to achieve at Escuela de Guadalupe – your contribution to this event and to our school community cannot be quantified.

As we listened to the testimonies of our students and teachers, we learned about how Escuela de Guadalupe has impacted their lives for the better. We heard from students who learned to be proud of their heritage, and benefitted from incredible role models like Lola Salazar, who taught them to “chase their dreams and work hard”. We heard about the kinds of sacrifices that Escuela parents make to send their children to our school, and how important our assistance is to them. Finally, we heard about how we have given students the tools to turn their Escuela experience into a successful, post-secondary education at great schools around the country. The message is simple: by working together as a community to fulfill our social responsibility of providing the best education possible to our children, we can surpass insurmountable odds. And at ¡Salud!, we did just that!

It is hard for me to express the palpable warmth, encouragement, and commitment that we felt in our gym during this event. From our “Fr. Tom Prag Service Award” recipient, Mrs. Lola Salazar, to each sponsor and participant – THANK YOU! In addition, it was truly humbling to see many of our very own teachers serving at the event, volunteering their time on a Saturday night after teaching all week. To those of you who made sure to express to me and to our staff – “We need your work in Denver”; “Escuela is unique and vital”; “More schools could learn from Escuela”; “I’m all in” – THANK YOU! These words mean so much to the students you are supporting, and to the faculty and staff who work tirelessly to ensure that those very students receive the quality education they so deserve.

Thanks to supporters like these, Escuela de Guadalupe is thriving, and our students are growing into the compassionate leaders and 21st century changemakers that we all hope for! I know Thanksgiving is not until November – but our hearts are full and overflowing with gratitude. Humbled by our many partners, we are full of courage, standing side by side with you - there is reason for this cornucopia of hope! “Salud!”

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