Escuela Spotlight: Meet Mr. Jack

For the past ten years, Jack Pottle has been an invaluable supporter and champion of Escuela de Guadalupe. At the end of this month, he will step in to serve as Interim President and we're thrilled to welcome him to the team.

Where are you originally from?

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado!

What was your "Dream Job" when you were in elementary school?

As a young child I didn't really have a sense of what kind of job I wanted to do when I grew up, but by the time I was in high school I wanted to be a businessman. Nobody grows up wanting to be a businessman, right? But I did!

I was a Political Economy major at Colorado College and then got my Masters degree in economics at the University of Colorado.

How did you learn about Escuela de Guadalupe?

I heard about the school in 2007, when they were going through a financial crisis. I was doing some work in North Denver at the time--my family is from North Denver so I have deep roots on the north side--and read about the school in the newspaper. I called the office and asked if I could come up for a visit. During that visit I met David Card for the first time and--as many of you know--you spend just a little time with our amazing staff and faculty and students and you're hooked.

I went on the Board of Trustees in 2013 and have served as board chair for the last year and a half.

Outside of your work with Escuela, what do you do?

I'm involved in a variety of business activities around Denver, both in private equity and real estate. I'm primarily focused on commercial real estate in North Denver.

What are you looking forward to about this summer?

I'm excited about working at Escuela and my wife and I also have a couple of trips planned (including one to Papua New Guinea!), which I'm looking forward to.

Do you have any hobbies?

My hobby is distance running and I've been doing that for about 45 years. I just ran the Boston Marathon in April. I've also got five grandkids, and I enjoy any time I get to spend with them.

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