Escuela de Guadalupe is a community-based, financially accessible school of excellence that develops compassionate leaders for the world of tomorrow. It focuses on providing a quality dual-language education, rooted in Catholic values.

Escuela de Guadalupe's nationally recognized K-5 grade program was founded in 1999 in north Denver as a response to the community's determination to confront increasingly frequent incidents of youth violence, teen pregnancy and high dropout rates. Today, our independent, dual-language Catholic school has expanded to include pre-kindergarten and middle school programs.

By making quality, cross-cultural education financially accessible to families throughout the Denver metro area, Escuela de Guadalupe works to ensure that children of all ethnicities and economic means are given the opportunity to reach their full potential as compassionate leaders and 21st century changemakers.

To learn more about enrolling your child at Escuela de Guadalupe and/or to set up an admissions visit, click here. 

To learn more about how you can support Escuela's mission and the community it serves, click here. 

660 Julian St. Denver, CO 80204 • (303) 964-8456

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