Click here to access our application in English. See below for a more details on enrollment for each grade.


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Priority for admission is based on the following criteria:

  1. Siblings of current Escuela de Guadalupe students

  2. Graduate Families of Escuela de Guadalupe

Our school does not factor into the admissions process the family’s Religion. We welcome families from all beliefs and backgrounds who understand their children will be receiving a Catholic education. Currently, one third of families are not of the Catholic Religion.

Enrollment for Pre- K and Kindergarten

  • November through the end of January: Enrollment applications are submitted to be considered for the first round of admission. A second parent interview will be scheduled for February and acceptance letters are sent following.

  • February and later: We will continue to accept applications to fill any spots that may still be open and for our waitlist, should any spots become available. 

  • Once a family receives an acceptance letter, they should submit their enrollment documents such as a Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate (if any), Immunization records, and a copy of their physical.

  • If applying for financial assistance, a Financial Aid Application can be submitted along with proof of income. 


Enrollment for 1st - 5th Grade

  • Our enrollment period opens in November and applications will continue to be accepted throughout the year. 

  • Students applying for these grades will be scheduled for an assessment either in March, April, or May. 

    • Students applying for 1st and 2nd grade will be assessed in their native language, or the language in which they are academically the strongest.

    • Students applying for 3rd through 5th Grade will be assessed in both Spanish and English.

  • Assessment results will determine acceptance. Once accepted, families can move forward with submitting documents and applying for any financial aid if necessary.


Enrollment for Middle School

  • Our enrollment period opens in November.  

  • Students applying for 6th through 8th Grade must submit a copy of their transcripts, test scores, and a letter of recommendation from one of their previous or current teachers. 

  • Middle school candidates will be scheduled for a shadow day and assessment starting in January. 

    • Students will be assessed in English, Math, and Spanish.

  • Assessment results will determine acceptance. Once accepted, families can move forward with submitting documents and applying for any financial aid if necessary.


Tuition and Financial Aid

  • Full tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $9,450/student and is evaluated on a yearly basis. 

  • Tuition does not differ based on a family’s religion or Parish membership.

  • We do provide a "sibling discount" in which you may receive a 50% discount on tuition for a second child and a 75% discount on tuition for a third child.

  • Families that are not able to afford our tuition are encouraged to fill out a Financial Aid application which can be found below. A form of income verification must be submitted along with the financial aid application.

  • Once tuition has been determined, parents may pay in two installments or monthly installments.